The first stage is the production of the full size working drawing (cartoon). I use this drawing as a template.


The clear glass is then cut to size.


The paint in powder form is poured out onto a palette.



The gum arabic (binder) is added to the paint and mixed thoroughly



Now the (vehicle) water, alcohol, oil or 
white vinegar can be added and thoroughly mixed.



Paint the highlights and details then kiln fire at 
1200F degrees




I add shading by covering the whole piece with stain, 
this process is known as matting, blend the 
color by using a soft badger hair brush. I then remove 
areas I want lighter using a hard bristle brush called a scrub and sharp wooden sticks to bring out the finer 
lines and details. I then kiln fire each layer separately.



This process is often repeated several times before the desired effects and skin tones are achieved.





After I get the desired results, I will kiln fire it 
again at 1200 degrees.







The pieces are now ready to be 
incorporated in the stained glass window.